Come see my garden

Hello, and welcome.  Ready for the tour?  It won’t take long; ten big steps will take you from one side of the garden to the other.

You’ll see it’s mainly a veg garden.  If I can’t eat it I can’t seem to summon up the enthusiasm.  Plus ornamental plants demand to be placed, well, ornamentally, and ornament is not my forte.


These are the boy’s peas, complete with home-rigged supports that probably won’t be tall enough.  I never get to eat any of the peas anyway; he scoffs them like sweeties.

last brassica seedling

This is the lone surviving sprouting broccoli plant.  I never seem to get the hang of starting them off in the greenhouse.  I’m not sure if they damped off or died of thirst.

Benjy and spuds

Here’s the potato forest, threatening to take over the bunny’s corner.

beetroot seedlings

Convinced yet that I mean it when I say it’s imperfect?  Look closely and you might see some beetroot seedlings among the weeds.


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