Rain good.  Downpour bad.

The potato plants left in the ground are somewhat flattened:

potato plants flattened

The rain has made the heritage variety of peas (which of course is not a dwarf variety like the ones I usually grow) shoot up into the sky at a rate of knots, completely overshooting the charming but extremely small supports they’ve been given.

peas towering

The courgettes are suffering from the cold.  Maybe I should have been kinder to them, poor things.

courgette plants suffering

Meanwhile, in the greenhouse there is something of a drought caused by my absence over the bank holiday.  Does anyone else resent going out in the rain to water plants?

Still, on the plus side everything is growing like Topsy.

beetroot growing well

We’ll have some great salad in the next week or two…

lettuce and swede growing well

…If it stops raining long enough for me to run out and harvest it!


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